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I represent expertise, commitment and long term project experience. Get to know me better and see for yourself.

Zoning and planning issues, restrictive codes and the construction process itself make work in the various municipalities of Southern California a very difficult undertaking. Cost overruns and delays can increase dramatically and construction stoppages can occur when issues are not dealt with and risk is not managed properly. 


Whether a commercial development or a single family residence, you need someone that has the experience and know how to produce a project that meets quality standards and is delivered on time and on budget. I welcome difficult and challenging projects.


At various stages of my career I have worked as a Carpenter, Project Engineer, Superintendent, Construction Project Manager, General Contractor, and Architect. My unique and eclectic background enables me to seamlessly move from one building type to another. I have worked on Institutional projects, office buildings, tenant improvements and both standard and high end residences, so I am well versed in all building genres and can handle any project that comes my way. 


I am a graduate of California State Polytechnic University with 20 years of combined Architecture & Construction experience.


If you are in need of someone with my diverse skillset, please give me a call.